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December 2021

Introducing the live cover page for our new website

We're happy to announce that we've launched our new website. We've added a live cover page that will be updated with news and events as they happen. We're excited to show you what the platform has to offer. Come visit and tell us what you think of it! Save this website and follow us on Discord/Twitter/Instagram.
December 2021

Launch of our social media platforms and campaigns.

We will be on every social platform like Twitter, Instagram, Discord and Telegram. All information about the project will be shared on different platforms. We want to create a loyal community on Telegram and Discord Join us on those platforms and begin to participate!
December 2021

Activate our marketing strategies

We will start to increase our audience around the project and build a community We are impatient to share our advancements with our community. Follow us and share our content.
January 2022

You are invited to the inaugural “EARLY ARTISTS” contest!

This is a chance for you to showcase your artwork. Choose your best pieces, fill in the form, and submit your work to win a place on the first batch of artists on NFT4Artists. Share your collection with us, ask your community to upvote their favorite artwork and get a chance at winning one of 10 spots for being one of our early artists. Submit Your Collection between January 15th and 31st.
February 2022

We launch our Website officially.

It is where real things begin ! You will find some projects collections from diverses artists from all around the world. Good projects will allow us to start the marketplace in the best possible way.. Get to know our platforme and trade your favourite NFT’s
Q1 2022

The first 1000 people who trade for a minimum of 3 SOL on NFT4Artists will receive an Airdrop.

So being an early supporter of NFT4Artists you will be rewarding. Help us to be the best and the bigger NFT platform on Solana! More information on the airdrop will be given during the course of Q1.
Q2 2022

Buy a land in the Metaverse!

Buy land and make the platform alive. Will allow us to create a Gallery in the Metaverse, create an event for collection launch, live music with famous artists and a lot of other ideas that we will share with you. Living and evolving in a Metaverse Gallery built by the community will be really amazing and it will allow us to have a place to share everything. To reach this goal we will need the help of each one of you and that's why it will be a place for us.

And more to come like an Online NFT Creator Tool, VIP Club, Token utility and a lot of other ideas….